I ned help on what to do!


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Dec 22, 2008
I need advice on what to do in my situation. I am going to be a junior in high school this year and want to apply to the air force academy but I highly doubt that I will get in since my grades are kinda low (3.0 GPA). But I am qualified in almost every other area, extracurricular, sports, clubs, medical, physical, etc. I also believe that I will get a nomination since both my parents are air force officers and I am in AFJROTC. So anyway if I don't get an appointment I want to see if I get a falcon foundation scholarship and if I don't I probably will still go to a prep school. If I go to a prep school than I will reapply the next year, but if I don't get in than I will go to a local university and join AFROTC. My question is this a good plan or should I revise it.
Sounds like you have a fairly good laid out plan. Nothing wrong with it at all. Just a few things you should know. DON'T ASSUME that because your parents are officers and you are in JrROTC that you'll get a nomination. The only nomination that you can get because of your parents in the Presidential nomination. Now here's the problem. Approximately 500 applicants are entitled to the Presidential Nomination. And all 500 will actually get it. However; only 100 are allowed to receive an appointment using that nomination. And that is determined by the academy. Similar to your state representative. S/He is allowed to nominate 10; however, only their #1 nominee is considered a GUARANTEE; and that's assuming that the representative doesn't currently already have 5 constituents in the academy. So while 10 people may have a nomination, that doesn't mean all 10 get an appointment. Just people 500 people have a presidential, doesn't mean all 500 will receive an appointment. 100 will for sure. That's why it's important to apply for ALL THE NOMINATIONS you can get.

But for the rest of your plans, they sound very good. I agree that it would be tough to get an appointment with a 3.0 gpa. But one thing is for sure. If you don't apply; even with your 3.0; then there is a 0% chance of getting accepted. Applying gives you some chance. Definitely speak with an ALO and your assigned counselor. Figure out HOW to compete for all your options that you are looking at. Best of luck to you. Mike.....
I would also recommend visiting the academy if you can and applying to attend the summer seminar which would be next summer for you. Good luck!
Excellent advice dadandgrad. I overlooked the part of GOING TO BE JUNIOR. Definitely apply to the summer seminar. Also; being you have 2 years left before graduating, there is definitely no reason in the world that you can't make some major improvements on your grades. You can easily get that GPA up around the 3.5 if you work hard enough. And if you nail a 34 ACT or 1500 SAT, your odds will go up tremendously. Best of luck to you. Mike.....