I need another teacher evaluation


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Aug 5, 2007
My math teacher said he was harsh on the evaluation and said that he would do it over again if he got a copy. I only have photocopies, and I think WP will just toss these out. I'm sure they can tell after looking at so many of the originals. The paper is slightly different, and photocopies never look "as clear"

Any ideas what I should do? Should I ask west point for another one? Should I just go with the photocopy?
Call the admissions officer - they are really nice and very helpful. They can give you the most excellent advice on what to do.
Probably they would read a letter from this person as an addendum....a narrative would be more telling than a new form. He could explain why he was so harsh and why he has reconsidered.
I remember that the application instructions mentioned that more envelopes and forms can be requested. Your USMA Admissions Officer with contact info should be listed in your Instructions to Applicants booklet. I agree with Just_A_Mom, give him/her a call.
I sent him an email. I hope it will get here as fast as possible. It's such a drag that everything was sent to admissions a month ago, but I'm still waiting on this component. :mad:
Patience. You will have your application done with time to spare. Now go study for finals and do well! "One day at a time" can be a good motto - as long as you accomplish something each day!

Have a happy and safe holiday, EG!