i need help..


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Aug 15, 2008
i got an alternate nomination for w.p. but the portal with nom.s hasnt said anything should it. i got the letter about 2 weeks ago?
You could email or Call the admissions office at WP. They will help with answers. I was constantly in touch with the officer for my son, with multiple questions while waiting for his nomination, ect.... he actually told me that my son received an "Appointment" for the Class of 2013 before he even received the official folder.
Relax. Your nomination will show up. Sometimes it takes a while for the data entry to catch up, especially during this busy time.
Keep in mind it's almost Christmas and stuff will be slow to update until the holidays are over.
First of all, Congratulations! :thumb:

That's weird. Usually the WP candidate portal updates pretty quick for me. It shouldn't be a big deal though. I got a nom to USNA almost a month ago and the candidate page still doesn't say I have one. Just talk to your WP rep. I actually found out from my Navy RD that I had an LOA like a week before it finally showed up.

What matters is that you know you have the nomination, and if you've received a letter, WP probably has too. Just as long as everyone's on the same page (figuratively speaking) it's all good.