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    Hello all,

    I'm a sophomore transfer at Ohio State University(any one else go to OSU?) and am applying to USNA again, however, I want to do it right.

    I've always wanted to become an entrepreneur, in fact, my goal was to be financially independent by 30. In addition to that, I've wanted to become a USMC officer since birth. Well, when I first applied to USNA, I completely disregarded grades and focused on my business and as a result, my grades suffered. Going into freshman year of college, I paid more attention to my grades, but still was divided with my business, so my grades were average. Now I am a sophomore and want to do things right, so I ended all business operations and have sold out. I've ended all operations and am ready to commit myself, 120% (with a 10% margin of error ) to the goal of becoming a USNA officer and/or, if I don't get accepted by age 23, then a PLC USMC officer.

    However, I need help with my schedule:

    Spring 2015:
    Gen Chem II: B
    Calculus II: D

    Summer 2015:
    Calculus I: B (received a D in both I and II the first time)

    Fall 2015:
    Calculus II
    Physics I

    OSU will not allow me to retake CHEM because I have credit for them both. My question is, if I get accepted to the NROTC unit, how well will Naval Science be looked at on my transcript for USNA? Any recommendations on classes or anything will be appreciated, please.

    "Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve,"-Think and Grow Rich

    and I believe, in fact, I know that I can make it into USNA before the age cutoff.
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    You should also take English and history or other courses that involve critical thinking and writing.

    It will be an uphill battle, but I admire you're perseverance. You might also consider graduating and entering the USMC through OCS. Or through NROTC. Both are excellent paths to your goal of a commission.
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    I think USNA1985 was superficially stating the problem. There are plenty of other college applicants who do not have anything below a C and on your transcript it shows that you have 2 Ds in Calculus, a very important course to USNA. I would say you are climbing an extreme slope here. You probably would need to get an A and have a very favorable teacher recommendation from that professor for the Admissions Board to have confidence that you overcame this hurdle and now "get" Calculus and put forth great effort to your courses. I also commend your effort to get back on the right track, but realize that your track record in front of the board is 2 Ds in important math courses. You might also want to make this known in your BGO interview, have some interim course grades to show that you are earning As and that your turnaround is helping and that your poor grades was due to lack of focus.
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    You know, Scout, you are all over the place here. First you plan on PLC, next NROTC, and then USNA. As a bit of background, I, too, went to 2 years of college before being appointed and after getting out of the Navy started and ran my own business for 20 years. I also went back and re-did courses that I initially did poorly on in my first year of college. Robert Kiyosaki has been on my reading list for years. Not that this makes my advice any more accurate than any other anonymous voice on the internet but I do empathize with your situation. Since you fancy yourself a businessman, you want informed information rather than "support" as many (and I don't mean the two above posters and I agree with them) on this forum seem inclined to do. So here is my take on your situation:

    1. You really screwed the pooch in high school and freshman college with average to stinking grades. And USNA does not care what your excuse is. You have dug yourself into a hole and now have to dig yourself out just to get up to a minimum competitive level.
    2. You have made the right move to repeat those oh-so-importent math-science courses and the only thing that will move the hearts of the Admissions Board is A's (mostly) and B's.
    3. You have not listed a lot of your other courses such as English, but they too need to be A's and B's.
    4. Your ACT/SAT scores should be eyewatering too. While the Academy uses those scores to predict future success in college and you are actually in college and proving it by your (future) grades, if those scores are low it really raises a red flag. Both should logically be high.
    5. The Academy is not kidding when they say exactly mimic the Plebe year courses. The military loves square pegs in square holes.
    6. Your chance to get a jump on your competition is your essays and interviews. You are older, more life experiences, started down an unproductive path, adjusted course, focused on a path that gives you what you now know you really want, you are working towards that new goal, your fresh approach to academics proves your commitment AND your ability to handle the buzzsaw of Academy academics, great ACT scores backs up this, Blah, blah, blah......I think you get the point. Your answer to your mediocre academics should be well thought out and you should be able to explain that time of your life in a POSITIVE manner......i.e. it was a learning experience for life. Now tie that into how that will help you be a better officer.
    7. All this in addition to leadership and athletics, of course.
    8. Naval Science grades had best be good, not because it is a positive for USNA admission, but mediocre grades will definitely stick out. USNA has its own Naval Science program, you know, that everybody had better do well at.

    A little bit of hope here. I literally flunked out of college my freshman year yet went back and did all that I listed above and in a huge miscarriage of justice (according to my Plebe Summer squad leader) the Admissions Board let me in. Good luck, Dude, you have a lot of work to do.
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    Spring 2015
    English II: A
    History: A
    Philosophy: A
    Chemistry II: B
    Calculus II: D

    Thanks for the input from all responders. I have read and re-read all responses and will take the necessary action to accomplish the goals that I have set. Above are the grades in which I received last semester.

    USNA: Plan A
    NROTC: Plan B
    PLC: Plan C
    OCC: Plan D

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