I submit!


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Jun 9, 2006
Well, after a long time on these boards I figure I should post about myself....

I am in the USAFA class of 2010, squadron 10 (Huzzah). I am from Houston. Always wanted to go to an Academy since about the age of 8 or 9 and worked ever since to make the dream come true!

Here at USAFA, I am a cadet EMT (Nationally certified EMT-B), member of the ski club (favorite activity here!), and I participate in the swing club.

I am a Biochemistry major with a Japanese minor. I'm hoping to have a career with flying and medicine, ideally a flight doc, but if not then med school after doing my time flying.

I am a bit unique on my app because I did not have high school athletics and they pretty much probed my life medical history. So, I had fun while deeply involved in the medical side of the apps. But, even though they had concerned, I am middle of the pack athletically here, which is why you should never stop fighting to get in if you want it!

Anywho, that's me in a nutshell. Most everyone knows me here already, great place to come help future cadets! :thumb:
Welcome aboard Hornetguy! lol

don't be bashful - tell us about your martial arts..... that's pretty athletic if you ask me! :thumb:
Biochem major - that explains everything :cool: What a great foundation for medical school.

Will you have the opportunity to grab any molecular bio or microbiology classes at AF?

I'm so jealous. But lucky AF will getting an awesome Doc someday.
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Thank you! :) I am actually taking microbiology as my bio option. I love microbiology, and ideally I would go into anesthesiology, but the AF has the ultimate decision there.
Too bad we will be one of those retirees when you become a flight doc, but maybe you will cross paths with our son :smile: