I took the SAT without writing - is this bad?


Sep 15, 2016
Still a junior, but as it was the first time I made the mistake of not taking writing. Will I still be able to use this score as USAFA superscores? Or will I not be able to use either the math or the English scores from this test date?

USAFA does not currently use the optional writing section for the SAT or ACT. That may change in the future, but I do not anticipate a change until at least the Class of 2023 application.
The academies 'superscore' so if in doubt take it again with essay next time, they look at the best individual section scores so multiple tests are to your advantage.
Any of the academies that require the writing section only require it once. Unless you get a perfect score on the exam you took, you should take it again regardless, and next time do the writing, that way you have it for any school that wants it.

I will defer to intheknow as to the current requirements for USAFA, but I thought last year my son had to include the writing portion for the ACT, and that it was listed on his portal. I'm almost positive. May be wrong though, and it may have changed.