if this is how it works then that is awesome...


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Nov 18, 2007
okay, so to my understanding about 2000 candidates were nominated last year, about 1600 were offered appointments, but only around 1200 accepted those appointments. does that mean that the 400 denied appointments were offered to the remaining 400 candidates, and, in effect, every nominee was offered an appointment at one time or another?
Kind of. Actually, closer to 13-1400 show up on I-day. So, about 200 deny their appointments, but not everyone is offered another one. It's hard to explain. If you're worried about getting your appointment, quit worrying, I'll see you in July. Worry about that. ;)
its just that the website is confusing..it says there were 2007 QUALIFIED candidates, but only 1600 appointments were offered, but then it says elsewhere that appointments are offered until the class is full, which means that every qualified candidate should have recieved an appointment because the entering class was not full.
but i guess i will just have to cool my jets about worrying that i wont get an appointment. sometimes though, i cringe at the thought of me having to wait another year to get in....after taking extra classes, more extracurriculars, really striving to step it up, studying my brains out for standardized tests...if i had to go to a J.C. for a year or something i think i would cry :frown:
i dont know if these numbers are correct, but in the pre-candidate kit they sent us a while back it says about 4500 will receive nominations. So according to that, half of the original 9000 or so candidates will get noms, and out of those, less than half will be qualified.

Again, these numbers could be wrong, but they were sent out by USAFA.

But when you look at it, there are 100 senators and 435 representatives. If most of them nominate 10 people...do the math.
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there might have been more nominees, but only 2007 were qualified- meaning their application and medical status were up to snuff as well. these numbers are correct, but last year could have just been unusual. i thought congressmen were allowed to nominate 5? whatever the case, i'm sure not every congressmen filled up his/her quota- which accounts for about 4500 nominations.
MOCs can have 5 people at the academy and can nominate 10 people for each slot that becomes vacant due to graduating or dropping out.
okay, thanks for that info...and i sure will be thinking about I-day :). by the way, isn't it june 28? because you said july...
yes, but I am working 2nd BCT, so I won't be there till 2-3 weeks into BCT. ;)
ah yes, the second part...jacks peak or something like that. check your private messages
Jack's Valley. I will be making sure you don't all die on the A-course, O-course, confidence course, PT, etc.
sweet. well, from what i know about you so far i have confidence that we will all make it out of there alive, and hopefully in one piece :).

p.s. i really appreciate the help you are providing me with, but, please, never feel pressured to answer my never-ending questions because i KNOW you have a million things going on, and these questions are important, but i do have a few months to get them answered :), and i do have other sources.
pfft. I just got back from 2.5 hours of blue's dancing. I have so much work to do. ;) I enjoy helping others out, so do not mind. If its a dumb question, I'll mock you incessantly, then keep answering. ;) :)
blues dancing? very nice. and i'll try to keep the dumb questions under 100 for the both of us ;)
blue's dancing, for lack of better words, is like sex on the dance floor. Not the adolescent grinding that a junior high person would do, but a sensual and amazing dance to just about any music. Sometimes I finish a song and just have to stop for a second if my partner and I really connected. It's amazing. :) One of my biggest joys here along with swing dancing and skiing.
ummm....could you elaborate on the blues dancing? because i certainly do not want to go to usafa to find a bunch of bump and grind...i can get that at a lesser, not as prestigous or honorable college. in fact, one of the reasons why i chose usafa was because it will help me to "keep in line" and i will not be subject to the whims and pressures of today's college junky idiots.
bump and grind is an insult to blue's, it is not that crap. It is a cross between ballroom, swing, and latin. Think of "Take the Lead" movie. It is not dirty at all. It's an emotional type dance. Look it up on wikipedia. Think of the sex appeal of the Tango in what I'm saying, not a junior high grind line.

As far as keeping in line, ya, good luck with that here. We work hard and play hard.
okay, thanks for clarifying, that kind of dance sounds more like the academy. BTW, when you say "play hard" what exactly do you mean? because, believe me, i can fully understand that in order to keep sane at an academy like this, one has to be able to goof off to one's content to a certain degree. but i DID choose usafa to keep away from the drug and alcohol-ridden parties, constant promiscuosity, the lying, cheating, etc. that goes on in most of today's universities. and i do know that every college will have this crap to a certain extent, but i expect usafa to basically be beyond reproach in these areas. am i wrong?
No you are not. I hardly mean drugs, booze, sex, and other immoral things. I'll explain after class..
okay, cool. (this is the kind of information that you can't get off of academyadmissions.com!)
We can do crazy things in the halls. Hall brawls (50 person wrestling matches), "carrier landings" (slip and slide in the halls), random dance parties in the hall (always spontaneous), quad raves, etc. etc. Then, of course, going out to ski/board, dance, etc. Always a good time!