if this is how it works then that is awesome...

oooookay. you had me worried a bit, but now i understand. these acitivites sound like good fun! are freshmen limited in these fun-filled activities?
Can't do blue's dancing....but I doubt that's a problem. ;) Everything else you are pretty good.
sweet. another question :). i have contacts right now. my year prescription will end right before i enter the academy (assuming i make it that is), and i want to keep wearing contacts- does the academy take care of that? also, will wearing contacts prohibit me from skydiving and/or soaring?
They will not stop you from soaring or jump. I had friends jump with contacts in (you have goggles). I'm not sure if the academy takes care of contacts though. They will give you some of the sexiest glasses you've ever seen!
do they give you sunglasses? that would be cool :). but yea, i really dont want to wear prescription glasses, i would MUCH rather wear contacts. i can get another year's worth prescription before i leave, but maybe not, and after that i will probably have to rely on the academy. but i'm happy that i can still soar and jump with contacts!!
No sunglasses for you. You can use your own prescription while you're here I believe.
EMT question

Hey Hornet,

It's nice to see you covering both forums. I was wondering, what kind of injuries, ailments, etc. do you see as an EMT? Do you see much dyspnea from the high altitudes when a new class starts?

I have not worked as an EMT for BCT yet (nor will I for the beginning of BCT), so I have not seen it in cadets. Saw it at a football game last year with a woman in the stands.

I work intramurals now, so I mainly see shin gashes from soccer, twisted ankles, and then I've dealt with several people in the dorms around me getting so sick they hyperventilate or start fainting. I just stabilize them and take them to the hospital. However, some of my off days people have had broken legs, twice from soccer. lol.

I expect to see a lot of little stuff and some bigger stuff in BCT.
Where's the nearest hospital?? ....a mom needs to know these things...:wink:

Our hospital is all of a 10 minute drive from the cadet area. No worries.

LITS- define work please! They seem to work in many areas to include seeing and declining birth rates! :)
Quick question ... how many cadets who are suppose to wear glasses, actually ditch them and squint through all of their classes :shake:
Is that 10 minutes speeding in an ambulance or 10 minutes going the speed limit??--okay, just kidding..It's nice to know it's close by. Please take care of our 2012ers this summer, Hornet!

Great ? Pima, I wondered the same thing myself. I was assuming if you had an Rx they would enforce wearing them. My D can't see a thing without hers so she'll be sporting the BCG's. :cool:
My D can't see a thing without hers so she'll be sporting the BCG's. :cool:

BCGs are a father's best friend.

Hornetguy, exactly, they work for both.

I wish I could have gotten my hands on a pair, some days, out of the blue, some people would dress a little "locked on"....slick down their hair into a tight neat thing on their heads, with a part, and put on a sweater, woolly pullies (sp?), and wear the BCGs...instructors seemed to like it enough. It was rare, but it did happen.
why the speed limit of course! 15 minutes in snow. ;)

If you have that bad of vision, you will be miserable if you don't wear glasses...

LITS- many do that here, cracks me up! Also, lots of people will pull the socks high and sport the BCGs for the PFT/AFT.