If you DON'T go to NASS . . .


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Jun 9, 2006
If you don't get accepted to NASS, didn't apply to NASS, or decide not to attend NASS, but still dream of attending USNA, don't despair. It won't wreck your chances of receiving an appointment.

NASS is a great experience and, if you're able to do it financially, time-wise (with school and other obligations), etc., you definitely should. However, NASS is in part an opportunity for students to see what USNA is like and in part a recruiting tool. Thus, typically (not universally), USNA will not select more than one or two students from any one school to attend, no matter how qualilfied they are.

USNA thus recognizes that many very well qualified candidates won't attend NASS. Some won't be offered a place, some will decline for various reasons (i.e., attending another SA's summer program, can't afford it). And some won't even apply for various reasons. Thus, USNA makes clear that not attending NASS won't hurt you in your application process.

If you attend and do well, you may get a very slight "bump" in the admissions process. However, it is equivalent to being the child of military parent(s), being an Eagle Scout, being team captain, or a host of other things that are looked on favorably by USNA. No more, no less.

So, if you were accepted, you should make every effort to attend -- for YOUR sake. But if it didn't happen for you, please don't believe that all is lost and your application is doomed. That truly is not the case.
This is so true. Our son did not get into NASS and we hit the panic button. Ended up 3Q w/ 2 noms. Did not get appointment this year, however, we know it had nothing to do with NASS. Did get NROTC scholarship, so all's well that ends well.
I completely agree. I did not attend NASS, at the time I didn't even know I wanted to go to USNA. I visited in July of the summer between my junior and senior year, loved it, finished the application by mid August, received an LOA by November, and my appointment came in January. The only kid from my area that went to NASS didn't get into the Academy.
Definitely true. There are a bunch of people, myself included, who did NASS that are here, but many more that didn't and still got in. In fact, only one other person from my NASS squad actually came to the Academy. Don't lose hope, and get the application done early, and you have as good a chance as anyone.
I didn't even know I wanted to go to Naval Academy when NASS applications were out, so I missed out entirely. I worried a little since people I talked to that seemed so confident were NASSers, but I got an appointment in the end, so where's the harm?