If you had a choice between recoupment and enlistment?

Several months ago, I posted some information about my son. His unit was pursuing disenrollment for him.

In November he was given his orders for reporting after graduation in December, he was measured for his commissioning uniforms and tape measured.

Unfortunately, he missed the mark by a few pounds and was out of compliance.

He was disenrolled for the weight. I honestly think they were looking for a reason previous to the weight issue.

We found out that his appeal was denied. He now owes the Navy $150,000.

He was not given an option to enlist - according to his unit, the Secretary of the Navy was asking for full recoupment of anyone who was facing disenrollment.

Thanks to everybody for your support, kind words and advice. It's pretty terrible for him - the dream is over.

I do wish everybody here the best of luck as they pursue their dreams of serving in the military.
Gojira, I am so sorry to learn of the outcome. I was hoping for a more favorable outcome for your son. It certainly seems that the Navy/ROTC failed your son in this by waiting until the very end. $150,000 is a huge amont of debt to graduate from college with, especially when it comes as a surprise. I am sorry.
The issues Mariner discussed about net and list price are dead on. I actually know quite a bit about how financial aid works, but wasn't clear on how ROTC scholarships and fin aid worked together until sophomore year for my son. The Unit was never very speedy applying grants and awards to business office. When we discovered they didn't actually use our EFC when calculating how much to apply to son's account, I felt rather naiive. We made the wrong assumption that our aid was calculated like every other student!

If it had, he would have been eligible for institutional need and merit grants and scholarships throughout his undergrad years. When our family experienced extended unemployment, he would have been eligible for even more federal, state and university aid.

Reflecting on this, I believe a far better scenario for students would be giving them priority into ROTC, stipend for books, monthly stipend, but not paying tuition up front. Allow students to get fin aid and take loans, if needed. If student completes process and commissions, then forgive loan debt or rebate family costs of tuition! There would be no end of game surprises for either student or unit.

Won't happen, though.
Gojira, I am so sorry to hear the news. Thank you for posting an update. You have my utmost respect for dealing with this situation with an amazing amount of grace.
Gojira, I'm sorry to hear that your son's appeal was not successful. I know that he has tremendous support from his family and will do well on his new path, but I deeply regret that he found himself in such a difficult position. I agree with those who have said that his detachment failed him and I find their actions very troubling.
So sorry to hear this is how it all turned out. Due to your experience we have steered DS #2 to a state school AFROTC. He had considered converting to a 3 yr so he could attend the private school his brother attends. DS #1 is AROTC at a private school with tution/rm and board hitting about 55K....(59K next year). Thank you for sharing your difficulties with all of us. I know it must have been hard to do, but I truly believe you helped some people choose between school A & B and you really helped me see what the cost is to my child if something goes wrong at the end of 4 yrs.

Again, so sorry for all your family has gone through!
I agree with you riroka.

Gojira's unfortunate experience has been the most amazing asset to every ROTC cadet, candidate and future applicant.

I think she is an amazing person because she never had to come back and post the outcome, leaving posters/lurkers on this site to believe all ended well. She came back to assist everyone here regarding the fine print.

That takes a lot of strength and dignity.
desperate for help . very similar situation

need a very good military lawyer to guide of through this maze. the stories my son have told are unbelievable. from blatant racism, anti-semitism , sexual harrassment going unchecked, unlawful arrests, undercover cadets snitching on each other. not exactly what we expected , but we were pollyanna with our heads buried even with all of the warnings before signing his committment papers.
way to many details to bore you with

the goverment and his superiors seem to be very vindictive and whistle-blowing is very frowned upon.