Feb 2, 2017
Since I am no longer in messages purgatory (11 posts baby!) now I can send messages with abandon! Wheeeee! Of course, now I can't think of anything to say or post, but those days are coming.

We are so early in my kids journey I don't have a lot to ask yet- and other things I worry about posting cuz I don't want to jinx opportunities!

Anyway, I guess this silly post was just to build my post count further....and avoid cleaning house.
Congratulations! I understand why the admins make you wait, but when you first find this site you have a bunch of questions. Maybe they are trying to teach us that 'search' is our friend...
Good Afternoon,

Welcome to the forum! Note that you should be able to post threads and replies once confirming your account, but sending private messages requires at least 5 posts.

^^ I agree, seems the OP was confusing one for the other. Anyone can create a profile and post here. Sending pvt messages requires you to have made a certain number of public posts.