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May 28, 2008
I am new to this forum (just found it by way of College Confidential). I was a trip-Q'd candidate for USAFA and USMA Class of 2012. I did not get in, but USMA offered me an AOG scholarship. I am enrolled to attend civilian prep at MMI this August. I have seen a lot of posts on civilian prep on this site, and I am going to sum it up as I understand it from my academy advisior.

UMAPS, NAPS, etc. are for candidates, who need something more(academics, SAT score or whatever) to be competitive. They actually enlist in the military and are "on duty" while attending.

Civilian prep or SAP (service academy prep) is for fully qualified candidates, who did not get an appointment because of various reasons. There may have been a stronger candidate in their congressional district, they may have been waiting on a waiver that came late, etc. These candidates go to civilian prep at one of a handful of selected schools (ex. NMMI, MMI, VAllet Forge, Northwestern) and take courses specifically selected to ensure they are "Academy material". The goal is to pass the year with a 2.5 and limited disciplinary issues and you have a slot in the 2013 class as long as you can get a nomination. The AOG helps with that step by writing the MOC to let them know you are strongly wanted.

Hopefully I am one of the one's they want next year.
Welcome. I wish you luck with next year. What part of Florida are you from?
I'm New HEre

Valrico....near Tampa. We are close to MacDill AFB, so there is a lot of competition for the nominations and appointments.
Glad you found the forum and congrats on a successful beginning to your service academy journey.