im shaking like a leaf on a tree


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Nov 4, 2007
I realize that no one will probably be able to answer this question but, o well. today i just viewed my essay which i turned into my congressman several weeks ago. From what i saw i think ive made a horrible mistake. I accidentaly placed the word "most" instead of the word "some" in a sentance. I realize that for anyone reading this they might be laughing to themselves and probably make fun of me and telling me that this shouldn't even be a topic. However, here was the basis of the question... How do you feel you've prepared as a leader to attend a service academy? I answered by telling how im a prefect. A "prefect" can be compared to something like an "RA" in most civilian colleges or universities. Maybe the academies have them too? Anyway, ive been put in situations where ive had to make descisions which have cost me some friends. Now do you see my error? How grevious is this?
Don't stress about something that you can't change. Make the correction. Call the MOC's office and ask if you can submit an edited version of your essay. If not, bring it with you to the interview. Offer it to the interviewers. A little bit of humor can go a long way.

Good luck!
Agree with the advice above.

A helpful hint in general going forward -- have someone proof your essay or other material before you send it in. This goes for anything you submit to anyone. Once you've read something many, many times, your eyes tend to gloss over errors b/c you are reading what you intend to say not what you've said. Also, as you've seen, spellchecks won't catch every error. :frown:

One note of caution, however. It's one thing to have someone proof your work for errors. It's something else entirely to have someone write your essay. As a BGO, I've seen it happen and, trust me, it's very easy to spot.
right, thak you for all your help!
What a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. You have a legitimate reason to seek additional contact with your MOC or his/her staff.

Humor is such a great door opener and that little typo could end up working in your favor.
Bringing it up in some manner will reflect positively on your sense of honor. I like the humor aspect as well. A little self-deprecating humor can be a good thing.