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    On the MOC webpage it states:
    "There are three methods of nominating, and I use the competitive method. For each vacancy, ten nominations may be made on a strictly competitive basis. The competitive method provides that the nominees compete among themselves for final appointment determined by the admissions authorities. They take into consideration a nominee's academic record, extracurricular and athletic activities, physical aptitude, ACT and/or SAT scores, leadership ability, and medical qualifications. Such facets of an applicant's record are also considered during the nomination selection process. No person will be offered admission if he or she does not meet the physical standards of the Academy unless awarded a medical waiver. As competition for nomination and appointment is very keen, it is wise for all interested persons to apply through all sources for which they are eligible and for all Academies in which they have a real interest. An individual may be nominated by more than one nominating authority and/or to more than one Academy. "

    what I am unclear about is the "ten nominations may be made" and then the "nominees compete among themselves for final appointment"

    so do they nominate ten people or one person?
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    They nominate 10 people per slate this is by law. 1 person will be "charged" to that MOC. In other words since he uses the competitive method, the candidate with the highest WCS wins the appointment for that slate.

    Competitive means he is not going to tell the SA take that person. He is allowing the SA to choose which person using the WCS as their method of selection. Had he selected Principal it would force the SA to take that candidate regardless of their WCS if the candidate was deemed qualified by the SA.

    Now, this does not mean it is over for you if you do not have the highest WCS, what it means is you MAY be thrown into the national pool if your WCS is high enough to compete nationally.

    You should also go for every nom source because that means you will compete on each of their slates.

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