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    As to the immunization record that has to be submitted, I understand that some of that comes from the childhood immunization record, but I need to clarify for myself just what needs to be done prior to R day. Can someone confirm or correct how I am reading this?:
    1) Must have adult TD booster
    2) Must have adult polio booster
    3) HepA/HepB Vaccine - must have at least 1st dose before R day
    4) Chicken Pox - confirm immunity with varicella titer
    5) MGC, Menomune Vaccine - must have prior to R day
    6) TB test - must have prior to R day
    7) Blood type confirmation
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Take the form to your pediatrician and let them tell you what your child has had and what they will need according to those instructions. All must be done prior to R-day. My son needed the TB test and had to come back a few days later and have it read. The doctor had already filled out the rest of the form and then just added the results of the TB test and off we sent it to West Point!

    A side note - make copies of EVERYTHING that you send to West Point and bring them with you to R-day. Put them in a folder and have your child take it with him/her on R- Day and then you keep a set of the copies back in your hotel room. We even brought a copy of the DoDMERB page that showed that his waivers had been granted. We wanted to take no chances on any confusion on an already stressful day. We had heard stories of West Point losing forms and bringing copies was highly recommended.

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