Improving my chances for Class of 2014?


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Oct 26, 2008
Unfortunately I did not receive any congressional nomination. (Honestly I was not surprised.)

SAT scores: 620 CR/ 650 Math (Terribly low for my class rank)
I was told in my interview that the problem with my application was my inconsistency with grades during my sophomore and junior year.
They also mention a lack of several leadership positions. (Only a school club officer)

I am set on going to a Service Academy (esp. USMA).

What course of action would best improve my chances for getting accepted next year?
Well, your SAT's really aren't bad.
I suggest you go to college - one with Army ROTC and enroll in ROTC. Taking ROTC will provide you with leaderhsip opportunities and an introduction to the Army. You will have a chance to prove that you and the Army are a good "fit".
You will also be eligible for a service connected nomination.

Take Calculus or at least Pre-Calculus and enroll in two semesters of Chemistry with a Lab. You want to take freshman Chem that is intended for Science majors.
You also want to take English Composition, a History class and maybe Psychology or a Foreign Language. These classes will mirror plebe year academics and prove that you are academically prepared.

Another option is to enlist and apply again.

I would definitely enroll in college and take AROTC. Did you apply for an ROTC scholarship? If not, IMMEDIATELY after reading this go online and see if the deadline has passed or not! Typically the close out very close to 1 December!

IF the window there is still open, DO IT DO IT DO IT!!

In the meantime, keep sending your "stuff" to USMA. Why?

IF you nailed an SAT/ACT...and I mean really REALLY nailed one...they might offer you the USMA Prep School...or, and this is actually possible (but very very rare) they might go find you a nomination.


Well...that's sorta a double-secret-probation thingie...but in VERY limited cases it can be done. But trust me on's one of those VERY special occasions. Sorta like a silver bullet. NEVER NEVER NEVER plan/count/hope for that one. The prep school though...that's real.

But...ROTC Application and continued excellence in HS...and you'll get there.

USAFA 1983
(Rejected from USAFA/USMA/USNA for class of 1982
(Accepted to USAFA/USMA/USNA for class of 1983) YES, it can be done!!!
Just to clarify, the AROTC deadline is January 10th. So yes, you do still have a chance to apply.
Thanks for your advice. I am currently applying for an AROTC scholarship.

I did get a nomination from one of my senator and my congressman.:biggrin: I just thought that because I got rejected from one of my senators that I was not going to get any of the other nominations.

But thanks for all your advice. I am really excited about the ROTC program, and especially as a back up plan if I do not get into West Point.