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    My AS-100 instructor told me I was being considered for a in-college AFROTC scholarship that would be sent to AFROTC headquarters to be determined if I would receive it. They then told me that if I got the scholarship and swore in with the ROTC detachment that I would be locked in and have to drop my USAFA application. Maybe I misunderstood, but I don't know if that's true what was said. I've heard of people on these forums and elsewhere that drop the scholarship after they get accepted to USAFA. I am having a meeting soon to clear this up with them, but just wanted to hear other people's experiences before going into this meeting. I want to go the USAFA commissioning route if that opportunity presents itself, so I would be willing to turn down the scholarship. Thank you in advanced.
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    I would def. clarify this. Most of the cases you have read on here are dealing with high school students being awarded the scholarship, so they have no affiliation with an ROTC unit. They rcv a 4 year scholarship, which they can accept and then later turn down in lieu of an Academy Acceptance, but they have not already been sworn in to a detachment. However, that said, there are also those that take the scholarship, don't get in to an Academy, and reapply the next year and get in. SO I would really dig into this and find the correct answer. Wish I had a better answer for you. But read your scholarship paperwork carefully and call the AFROTC Scholarship point of contact on your scholarship paperwork. Don't just take the detachment's word for it. Get it in writing for yourself!

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