In-state tuition for ROTC cadets

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by usafa2022, Aug 21, 2016.

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    I recently read on OU's AFROTC det website that a law has been passed in Oklahoma that guarantees in-state tuition to all ROTC cadets who come from out of state. Do laws like this exist in any other states? And are there some schools who choose to do this, or something similar, individually?
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    Auburn University Montgomery gives in-state-tuition based on merit. There are many that do it based on ROTC awards but there are states putting maximums on OOS students now on State collages and universities due to issues with in state students (aka children of tax payer parents) being wait listed while an out-of-state with exact and in some cases worse states was accepted. So higher sought after State Colleges and Universities Nation wide are going to get harder to get in if you are not a resident of that state.
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    There is a sticky on the top of the ROTC forum regarding colleges that give various discounts for ROTC students. Make sure that you contact that school to see if they are still offering that aid.

    I do agree with Keyz that many states will limit OOS students. For example, I know VA limits OOS to no more than 30% .

    You should also re-think this if this is the only you can afford to attend that college. The reason why is what happens if you decide once in ROTC that you don't want to be in the military? Now you are stuck either trying to find how to pay for OOS without ROTC or staying with it and owe the military 4 yrs of AD upon graduation/commissioning. Let's be honest the reason they give you that 1st yr to walk with no penalty is because they know many kids "think" that they are 1000% this is what they want, but once there they realize it is not!
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    Texas A&M and University of North Georgia Corps of Cadets (both SMCs)
    pay in state tuition rates
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    If you go to a state school in Illinois and are in ROTC, your tuition is waived.

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