Inauguration Parade

i dont know about the entire color compnay but i do know that each company is sending representatives to march in the parade
I can remember from 2005, that members of the previous year's color company (14th) had the opportunity to march, and they were augmented by folks from other companies.

NYCUSNA2012 may have more/better current info.
about 5-6 people from various classes in each company are marching inn the parade
Man, you couldn't get me to march in that parade short of giving me a direct order. Since I'm no longer in uniform, there's a fat chance of that, too.

And no, it has nothing to do with who won the election. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Washington DC on an innaguration day just as you'll NEVER catch me in Times Square (or anywhere in NYC for that matter) on New Year's Eve.

Suicide by crowd is not my idea of fun. :thumbdown:
Like New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Everyone who isn't in a "Crew" leaves and/or rents the house out.:eek:
Mids/Cadets Marching

I know about 190 or so USMMA midshipmen are coming down to march. No doubt similar numbers from other SA's will be "voluntold." In the past it's been USNA color company augmented as necessary if company members are SIQ, traveling for sports, etc. Not sure what the deal is this year.
I just drove back to Annapolis from the Washington Navy Yard. Signs up everywhere, plus radio announcements -- no driving into DC unless you have a special pass, please just don't drive on the Beltway at all... Once they have let 300,000 into the viewing areas for the Inaugural Parade, they will close the Metro stations in those areas. You can either view the Inauguration itself or the Parade, no way to make both due to the head-counting. They are still trying to figure out how to deal with the several thousand chartered buses expected to roll in. In short, an absolute zoo.
An Opposing View

Both my (then) Mid daughter and my (then) middle-schooler were in DC in 2005 and both had fun. The Mid marched in the parade and the middle schooler attended one of the youth parties at the National Guard Armory.

USNA '07 Dad
Plebe D is very much looking forward to marching in the parade as part of the USMMA band. I, on the other hand, would be looking for ways to avoid the zoo.:wink: