Incentive backseat rides?


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Dec 20, 2011
Advise and direction to attain one through AF channels and/ or connections?
If they are AFROTC they need to use their chain of command to contact the incentive rep. Rides are very scarce these days according to my son. In the F-16 world most Wings have gone down to only one D-model (the two-seaters) per squadron because the FTU has taken most of them to pump up pilot production at Holloman and Luke.

I agree with Stealth, especially the scarcity of getting an incentive ride and that is not only for fighters, but heavies too. Back in Bullet's day the cadets that did get an incentive flight were 9 times out of 10 USAFA cadets doing their summer tour.

Incentive flights are also decreasing due to multiple reasons in my opinion.
First and foremost is as Stealth has said they need them for the FTUs.
On top of that they are using that 1 D model for sorties such as check rides.
Now add on top of this that it costs a ton of money to go up and land, plus taking the pilot away from a mission ready sortie.
~IOWS no fun 4 v 6 red air/blue air, instead let's go up fly around for a few minutes and come back down.

I think when it comes to incentive flights as an AFROTC cadet it is a lot about who you know to get you that ride. You might want to try to get into a sim instead.
Guess we’ll be doing “The Who we know” option without pissing off her non-rated Det Commander. Easy for us to get her back seat in 16D and T38s at Tyndal.
You'd probably have more luck with heavies that need some hours for training anyways. See if your chain will get in contact with a unit. Don't forget the guard or reserves either.