Including senior year activities in nom application?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by TitoRocket, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am in the middle of filling out the nomination forms for all the MOCs available to me, and I was wondering if I should include only activities I already have done (everything up to junior year), or should I include things that I will have done (in the upcoming year).

    The earliest deadline for one of the MOCs is September 7th, so even if I did wait until school started, it would be cutting it much too close for comfort in terms of sending everything in via snail mail. There are certain activities and clubs I know for sure that I will participate in, but other things may or may not change depending on my scheduling next year.

    I just wouldn't want to count my chickens before my eggs... (or however the saying goes).

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    I listed everything I did throughout high school when I applied for my nominations. Unless your MOC specifically tells you otherwise, I would go ahead and do that in your case as well. :smile:
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    As a general rule, I would list things you plan to do senior year that aren't "in doubt." So, if you played varsity lacrosse as a junior and plan to do it again as a senior, that makes sense. If you've been elected treasurer of the senior class, you're obvioulsy going to be doing that.

    I wouldn't list aspirational goals. For example, if you plan to complete your Eagle Scout this year, I wouldn't list it as having been completed (you would, of course, list scouting as an activity). Or, if you hope to be elected team captain of lacrosse but it hasn't yet happened, I wouldn't include it.

    In MOST cases, MOCs will allow you to update your packet with additional information so, if you achieve your Eagle Scout between turning in your packet and the MOC's decision, you could send that information to the MOC. If your MOC does NOT permit you to augment your packet (and some MOCs do not), I suggest checking with your MOC's nom coordinator to discuss how you should handle situations such as those I listed above. Each MOC has his/her own "rules," which you want to follow.

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