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Feb 18, 2007
Well it's terribly quiet here! Thought I'd shake it up a bit! Indoc is almost over and I've received 4 letters and 1 itty bitty fast phone call. Guess my son is still alive and kicking!:rolleyes:
When you say that 'kicking' part, my mind drifted to several meanings. LOL You are going to hear the best stories come that next phone call. So happy that you've gotten those few letters. They sure are keepies. Will you be able to watch the formal parade on Friday live via KP website? It rained it out last year, the very first time they'd tried webcasting it. Cross your fingers for good weather!! 5 more nights to a new Plebe Candidate!! Don't forget to address your letters as such!
Phone Call

Oh, how exciting that you got a phone call....I thought the Plebes were not allowed to call until July 18th...oh I so would love to hear from my son....

I too, am waiting for photos of 1st company....hopefully there will be some soon on one of the links...I did see my son in the Indoc photos and the video, but it was before his hair was cut...during processing....

Waiting, waiting, waiting....:frown:
Note the date on the 2011 mom -- it was from a few years ago. Her son is probably a rising first class (senior) now. The date of the post is in the upper left hand corner for you to reference.

Keep watching the forum -- hopefully more pictures will show up today in large numbers! :cool:
Thank you, I am new to this...I realized that she is a first classes mom when I looked at the screen name again...thank you!
That was a teaser, the call will come don't worry, but don't expect lets of details.