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Jul 30, 2019
I am attending the information session for the Army-Navy game tomorrow in Philadelphia. I was wondering what to expect and what to wear. I wasn’t sure if this was a formal event or if it is more casual.
Dress to impress.
It is always a good idea to be over dressed than to show up in jeans/tennis shoes and find out all the other prospective cadets showed up in slacks/dress shoes.
It seems like every FFR I speak with has a story of meeting a prospective cadet who showed up in shorts/flip flops to either an interview or information event. That story never ends well for the prospective cadet.
Definitely go with at least business casual. I went to an information session last year before I even became an applicant where one kid wore a worn out hoodie, loose jeans, and socks with sandals. I don’t know exactly how that ended, but I don’t think he left a very good impression.
Quote from when I met my FFR: "Wow, Jarhead713! You look very nice." I was at my school's college fair in slacks and a polo.

Definitely dress up, it shows them you're taking this seriously.

Of course, I always follow up those comments with "Oh thanks, it's just nice to wear what I usually wear around the house."

Good luck!
I will say for future applicants, my DS showed up in a suit and tie. The two others who showed up were in jeans, tennis shoes and sweatshirts. All Seniors in the application process with nominations. Great advise from Cookiemom "dress for the job you want not the one you have." My guess would be the Capt in Admissions noticed this very quickly, but just an assumption.
☝☝☝☝:groupwave: Dress to impress! DS went to a meeting for Boys State and before he was asked a question the committee was impressed. Always dress professionally with a coat and tie. If you don't have one borrow one.
My DD went in a business suit, skirt and jacket, with low professional heels. My only suggestion is choose your colors well also, tie and shirt combos will and do leave a lasting impression both good and bad.
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My DS wore a blue suit, pressed dress shirt with a tie in his pocket (just in case), & dress shoes.. 2-3 others out of 200+ (kids and parents) were similarly dressed, but most kids were dressed in T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jeans, etc.. a few did not look like they wanted to be in the information session for more than 10 mins..

DS got to meet with his RC and his RC was able to put a 'face' with his application.... so standing out in a suit and looking sharp! was worth the awkward stares.

My $.02