Ingrown Toenail

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Jun 22, 2006
I know it sounds like a little thing, but D has an ingrown toenail on her big toe. Neighbor is a doctor who suggests it be surgically fixed. He states it is done at the doctor office and no big deal. So, questions:

1) what happens if D arrives at AFA with an ingrown toenail? Will they medically check her out and send her home or similar aweful outcome? If it isn't bothering her, will she be able to participate in BCT and then if it bothers her during BCT will AFA take care of it (like do the surgery thing neighbor discussed)?

2) what happens if she has the surgery that neighbor doctor thinks she should do? Does DoDMRB DQ her and then she goes through the waiver process etc? Is it such a small thing that they don't even have to know? Neighbor said it is very easy and done at the doctor office. May bother her for a week or so but won't effect missing school or activities or anything (won't want to kick a ball for a week or two but other than that not a problem).

I know an ingrown toenail seems like a tiny thing, and maybe I'm just a worry wart - but DoDMRB stuff seems so intimidating! We have done the home remedies without success yet, but will continue the home stuff - but if she does to doctor, want to know how to best proceed.

I now RetNavyHM will come on with his wise words of wisdom.
My d got an ingrown toe-nail two years ago during spring soccer - in early April. She didn't bother to tell me until it got infected. Yep that was fun. Two surgeries and many antibiotics later it finally cleared up in early July.
My motherly advice from someone who has btdt: take her to a podiatrist. He will remove the ingrown in the office with novacaine. He can also tell if it is due to a deformity in the toenail or if she just cut it wrong. If the toenail is deformed then it most likely will grow in again- then she can opt as we did for the laser surgery. This will permanantly remove part of the toenail. Her laser surgery was performed in a surgi center, under "Twilight" anesthesia.
My daughter ended up losing her entire nail due to the infection and it took a year for 1/2 to grow back.
All of this was reported to DoDMERB by the way and there was no problem whatsoever.
If your daughter expects going to report in late June or Early July, please do everything you can now to take care of the problem. Do not wait. Ingrowns are painful and if the toe gets infected it can be a pain to clear up.
Oh, man..... I HATE those damned things. I used to get them BAD in high school, and Mom (a dentist) used to shoot my toe full of novacaine to cut the fracking things out. OUCH! I continued to get them right up until Plebe Year, and haven't had one since. Don't know why, but there it is.

I am not familiar with the surgery in question, but on a related track, I had a minor surgery done about a month before I entered NAPS and in fact entered NAPS with the wound still a gaping hole (literally), but I managed. The prime thing is to ensure that it gets done with sufficient time to allow for proper healing and minimal impact to performance during plebe summer.

I'm sure our resident Corpsman can provide specific comments on the the issue, but in general I would think that if it can be done before she reports, then so much the better. Those things hurt like a bear and I'd hate to have had one during Plebe Summer or Indoc.
Well, I see I'm not needed here any longer!!! :shake:

As long as this isn't a chronic problem (which it doesn't sound like), I would take the suggestions provided above and see a podiatrist about getting this fixed as soon as possible. It normally takes 2 - 3 weeks to heal.

Once the problem has been taken care of and healed, then I would send all the paperwork into DoDMERB (ensure that you have the physicians release to full activities statement). That should take care of it!
RetNavyHM - Oh! but we do need you!

I just wanted to convey some Mom to Mom advice. My kid would not tell me about her toe until it was flaming infected - didn't want to lose time at soccer. Well she lost that bet big time!
If she is advised to have the laser surgery - do not fear - the recovery time is quick and the toenail will never grow in again. Most importantly, she will not be suffering from an ingrown during her summer training.
Plantars wart

Is plantars wart disqualifying? It does not hurt. Just found out that I have a wart on my left foot and have been under podiatrist care. She has been using laser on the foot. It looks like they are goind away. Am I okay? I was planning to make a notation on the history form, "Treated/Gone".

Can you please get back to me at your earliest convience, planning to take the physical in the next few weeks.
I would note it on the history. I would also state everything that you have just stated here. DoDMERB will request copies of the medical records from the podiatrist, and if the laser treatments have resolved the issue, then it should be good to go. If the plantars warts are still there, then DoDMERB will make a determination based on the size and location, as well as if they cause any discomfort.

I think you will not have any issues. If you have other questions please feel free to let me know.