Inguinal Hernia, Again.


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Apr 4, 2007


We have a candidate that was 3Q'ed with nomination for the USNA Class of 2011. Unfortunatly, he did not make the final cut in April but is motivated to persue a second try for an appointment for the class of 2012. He did his DoDMERB physical last November and was initially DQ'ed because of a left inguinal hernia. He had that repaired over the Christmas break in 2006. We went through the six week process of letters and doctor's reports to have the DQ recinded and were finally sucessful in mid February.

Last week he did his physical and testing for the college he will be attending this fall. He is playing for their football team this fall and is currently heavily invloved with the pre-season weight training and running program. During the physical he mentioned to the Doc that he had noticed his right groin area was not quite symetrical with the repaired left side. Doc examined the area and determined that he may be close to another hernia.

He is aware that his DoDMERB Qualification is good for two years and only has to answer a questionaire for submission this year. Because a surgical proceedure now would impact his ability to play at full level, and, because the Doc indicated that it didn't appear that the herinia had penetrated, only was stretching the facia currently, he wants to delay the repair until after the football season. The Doc felt that that would be okay since the weakness in the right inguinal area isn't herniated, only stretched.


I know we're grinding words right now and I hate playing Sea Lawyer but...
In an attempt for him to be three Q'ed as soon as possible and since the Doc did not specifically diagnose him with a hernia, should he answer "No" to the condition on the DoDMERB questionaire, contact DoDMERB in December prior to the repair, and, then persue the rebuttal process subsequent to the repair? He is very concerned that an initial DQ from DoDMERB, and the delay in getting it repaired and the DQ recinded, will gundeck his second attempt at obtaining an appointment to the Academy.

He asked me what I thought he should do when it come time to answer the questionaire. I hate to spin truth, kinda makes me feel like I'm wearing the blue dress, but in this instance I'm tempted to wear blue. What are your thoughts?
Since he currently does not have a hernia (even though he might by the end of the season), and is planning on getting it repaired anyway at the end of the season, once he receives the questionnaire concerning his current health, answer it truthfully once he gets it. If he does not have a hernia when he gets the questionnaire, then he's in good health. As you know, its only a 6 week issue (as long as there are no complications), so as long as he doesn't hurt himself playing football, there should be no new medical issues.
If mesh is implanted at the hernia site, RetNavyHM, does the fact that he would have what is considered an "implant" DQ him?
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Not at all, mesh placed for a hernia is common practice now, and the only issue is to ensure that at least 6 weeks have passed from the date of surgery and the applicant has been released to full activities by the physician.

Thanks for the good and concise answer. He will proceed with what is right when he receives the DoDMERB questionaire.