Injury during Plebe Summer?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by CandidateElias15, Nov 10, 2010.

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    I know about the bubblewrap procedure until I-Day.
    However, Plebe Summer is physically demanding. What if one gets injured during Plebe Summer?
    Hypothetically, what if a kids shoulder is doing some strange stuff; he could do 101 pushups for the PFT in two min, but he cant make a throwing motion or it will dislocate.
    Lets say that during plebe summer, or during the academic year, there is something that requires that motion, and the plebe's shoulder dislocates.
    Will that plebe be asked to separate, or will he just be put into some sort of rehab?
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    I can provide a general answer, but it sounds like you're asking about a fairly specific scenario that I can't address.

    In general, if you are injured during PS as a result of training activities AND the prognosis is for a fairly uncomplicated recovery, you will be retained. It is rarely just the intense physical activity, or just a lack of preparation that leads to injuries; it's also that the kinds of motions you're training your body to perform are new: pulling, twisting, vaulting, pushing, climbing. Plebe Summer is a total-body experience. This is one reason why the DoDMERB process can be lengthy and seem to the candidate to be arbitrary and "unfair."

    Regarding your specific question, if your shoulder has any tendency to dislocate, you have to see a doctor. At the very least this should come up during your DoDMERB exam. If this is a condition you've had and you try to minimize it or not disclose it, it's very likely to emerge anyway. (To be clear I am NOT drawing any conclusion about you specifically; I'm offering general information for all candidates.)

    As always, specific DoDMERB questions are best for that thread and/or Larry Mullen.

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