Inquiring about when I'll hear back


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Oct 18, 2008
I had my interview with my Representative on Nov 22 (three weeks ago this Saturday). I was told by someone who worked for the Rep that I would find out the results sometime last week. I have emailed the same guy before asking when the interviews would be and I'm wondering if it would be okay for me to email him and ask him when I would hear the results. I don't want to be rude or come across as impatient, but I am getting really impatient. Thanks.
Hi Roman,

Call. Don't email. Just be professional when you call. Call and ask for the staff person (unless you already know their name) who handles the Service Academy nominations. You will probably get a "call screener" at first, and tell them you are one of the candidates interviewed and you want to check in with the staff person who does the service academy nominations for the Senator/Congressman/person. Then, when the RIGHT staffer gets on the line, just say "Hi, this is so and so from Somewhere, Your state. I interviewed on Nov 22 for the academy nominations and was just wondering when I might expect to hear some news?"

That's not rude; that's not impatient. That's being respectful and it should lead to a conversation, regardless of which, when it ends, you say "thanks so much" and "I appreciate your taking the time" and so on. But CALL.
I agree. Just call. Don't have the folks do it, you should do it yourself. Also I remember last year that DS found out his cong nom from the web page (AFA application page), the letter came weeks later. So check your page. Also some send it via email, it might be there, even look in the spam, b/c they could send a mass email and the computer might mistake it as spam.

Good luck