INsight on my chances of getting a scholarship

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Amesbury67, Dec 16, 2014.

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    I was wondering whether anyone can give me some insight into my chances of getting an NROTC scholarship. Any feedback is helpful.
    3.7 GPA (roughly, I get B+ and A- in honors and AP level classes)
    1800 on the PSAT
    Honor roll every year
    History honors society
    Advanced on MCAS
    Varsity XC since freshmen year
    Varsity indoor and outdoor track since sophomore year
    Elected XC captain for both junior and senior year
    Student Council member
    Also for the fitness test I haven't judged my score but I did it.
    I can do at least 50 pushups in 2 min, 18 pullups, 80 situps in 2 min, and I can run 2 miles in under 13 minutes easily.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, its very helpful.
    Also I am a junior so should I start applying to colleges/NROTC now or wait a bit longer.
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    If you can do 18 pull-ups, I'll assume you're a Male for starters.

    What is your intended major? If you weren't already aware, NROTC and AFROTC hand out less scholarships than AROTC. NROTC and AFROTC like the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) majors. Not as important for AROTC but who knows, that may change soon. School choice could also be a factor down the road.

    Most of your stats look fine/good/great. I'd take the ACT as well as the SAT when the time comes. They take the highest of the two I believe for scoring purposes.
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    First of all, you can't apply for NROTC yet. I believe they open the portal around May/June.

    You don't mention any community service/volunteering, or a job, or additional leadership. These are things that they look for. I think you are on the right track with your sports and grades but I would take the ACT/SAT again as many times as you can and continue to study hard. There is still room for improvement in your GPA (although class rank is usually more important)

    Best of luck!
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    I get the excitement, but only yesterday you created a thread titled What are my chances?

    Trust me .. .every poster that is on the roller coaster for scholarships or has been on it will agree on one thing.

    IT SUCKS waiting!

    They will agree on a second issue.
    Be prepared to not hear anything until Oct/ the earliest

    Have plan B, C and D in place

    Nobody here sits on any board...our opinions are anecdotal at best.

    It could be 15 months from now before you hear anything. Are you ready for that riude?


    Be a kid and work on your resume. Search the forum to see those before you that received a scholarship.
    ~ Read the USNA threads, because for them plan B is NROTC! That means they too will apply for NROTC scholarship. NROTC is national. The odds of getting a scholarship are about the same as an appointment. 16-18%.

    Creating a new thread everyday....isn't going to help.
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    Thank you for replying the last time I posted it would not let me view your replies so I made a new one sorry about that.