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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by RMG2017, Feb 15, 2017.

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    I was planning on doing Air Force ROTC in college, however all those graduates only go active duty and now I am getting offered an internship w/the likely hood of full time work with a US intelligence agency after graduation, should I just do army ROTC then do the reserves/other job or stick with my original air force active duty plan at the nicer cross town engineering college and not work for the intelligence agency? Its a tough decision. Any opinions/advice helps. Thank you.
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    My advice? It's a decision only you can make. Are you really going to determine which fork to take based on anonymous advice from some internet forum?
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    You can participate in xROTC up to your junior year in college, non-scholarship, and defer your decision. You can participate your freshman year with a scholarship and drop out of the program, and not have to pay back your scholarship. So I do not think you need to make this decision now. You can do both and see which path is best for you.
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    If you don't want to serve active duty in the Air Force then why would you even consider it.

    I am an internet stranger but I've read 5 John Le Carre novels and seen the entire Bourne series. I can say with authority, that getting a guaranteed spot in the "community" before even going to college will be difficult. You should have a few backup plans like any good spook. However, if you fluently speak two Dravidian dialects, passable Mandarin, and can fully conjugate at least 10 irregular Portuguese verbs, disassemble and reassemble an AK-47 in under 20 seconds, shoot the whisker off marmot at 400 meters, drive through Rome at an average of 120 kph during rush hour, convince a total stranger to give you the keys to his house and grow a totally righteous beard, then you're in like Flint.

    If you believe the person who used the term likelihood, you're more likely to be the one who gives up his keys than the one who talks you out of them.

    Visit the units and be comfortable with the college. AFROTC will give you many fewer options than AROTC after commissioning.
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    I mean, there are analyst positions too. Not everyone can be james bond.
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    I feel like I know some of the details of which you speak and here are some thoughts:
    1.) listen to kinnem's advice and dont listen to anyone here
    2.) listen to cb7893 the needs of the AF come first and you may want cyber ops but you may fly drones. asked and answered.
    3.) IMHO Airforce scholarships are the hardest to keep for 4 years (this is based on observation and opinion NOT data) and you have less options IMHO with AF than army
    4) a biggie! there are no fitness requirements for your intelligence agency but there will for AF.
    5.) have you officially been 'offered an internship w/the likely hood of full time work with a US intelligence agency after graduation,' IOW have you taken your lie detector and interview yet or just made a semi final cut? You may not want to get ahead of yourself here.
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