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    Can anyone offer insight into being an intelligence officer then moving onto a career in federal law enforcement? Are there many academy graduates who do this? Does the FBI commonly see applicants from such prestigous colleges?

    I am currently looking at my options after USAFA. I would most likely major in systems engineering then look into intelligence or if I happen to love flying, look in becoming a pilot. This is just to do some research.

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    There are posts that appear through various threads - see this recent one of mine.

    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    Look past time in uniform, if she doesn't stay AD more than 5-7 years - the "ABC" agencies love junior officers, regardless of commissioning source, major or officer professional community. Of course, an SA background adds extra shine. We have, at this point, 7 USNA alumni sponsor daughters and sons serving with Federal agencies or State Dept Foreign Service. They were Marine ground, Navy surface ship, Navy EOD, among others, with majors ranging from Poli Sci to Physics. Not one of them were intelligence specialists on AD. They are now all doing some variation of "international relations" and "intelligence" work, some in very unsung hero/heroine ways. Those agencies know they are getting smart, disciplined, pre-cleared, go-in-harm's-way, physically fit, motivated agents who have the leadership background to take on successively tougher roles. Some have also gone the analyst route; we have a former Q-Econ major, naval aviator, who is now doing interesting work relating to bad guy money flows.

    She cannot go wrong with either choice, especially if she is thinking long-term career post-AD. The question to ask, if she does not get Intel or her first choice at either SA, are there second choice options with which she would be fine. Or, is there one of the SAs that has options she absolutely does not want to chance being assigned to.

    The other reality is, once she chooses, having exposure to all the branch/warfare specialty options available, interacting with officers in those fields, getting exposure to field activities during summer training - she could go a completely different direction. That said, CG and Army are two different worlds, with one essentially revolving around the water, and the other, land.

    It was easy for me, years ago - I grew up on a coastal island, the smell of salt on the wind and the sight of large bodies of water never far away, with on/in-water activities part of daily life. I knew where I did not want to be (out of sight of water), but have the greatest respect for the non-sea services.

    There is no way to game it all out. A large part of decision-making as an officer is doing the comparative analysis of both tangible and intangible elements, making the best decision possible given the info to hand, and committing to it.
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