1. A

    Should I do Army or Air Force ROTC (Urgent plz help!)

    Okay. So I am an out of state incoming Freshman Air Force ROTC Cadet at Virginia Tech starting this fall. VT is a Senior military college. My double major is National Security and Foreign Affairs along with Arabic. This April, I was rejected for a High School Air Force ROTC Scholarship that I...
  2. CB2515

    SWO Option Program?

    I'm well aware that if I attend USNA, it is very hard to land a slot in intel when you initially commission. However, I came across that there are Option programs where you serve X amount of time as a SWO and then automatically transfer to another area such as Intel or IP. I'm a bit confused on...
  3. CB2515

    Navy and Air force Careers Comparison

    Hi everyone! I have applied for the class of '25 for both USNA and USAFA in hopes of getting into either one in order to pursue a military career. I've taken quarantine to really look into all the career opportunities available to me after the academy in both branches. I think both academies...
  4. S

    West Point or Annapolis for career in cryptology/intelligence?

    I'm really interested in making a career out of military intelligence/cryptology, but I'm stuck between USMA and USNA. BTW, I'm considering the service academies specifically (over OCS or ROTC), because I like the structure, discipline, atmosphere, and focus on the development of the 'whole...
  5. L

    Best major for intelligence career?

    Hello, if appointed to West Point, my original intentions were to major in chemical or nuclear engineering, as I enjoy physics and chemistry. But, I recently reflected more on what I'd like to do most within the military, and not as much on my civilian career. I came to the realization that I...
  6. D

    Marine Corps PLC Financial Assistance Program Repayment after Withdraw

    Hello everyone, I would like to thank you in advance if you have some knowledge to share with me on this issue. When I was an officer candidate for the Marine Corps through the Platoon Leaders Class program, I was enrolled in the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) which gives money to...
  7. T

    Intelligence Officer

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. I recently became a US Citizen through my parents automatically, and I've lived in America for nearly my entire life. I was originally born in Israel, however, and I was wondering if this automatically disqualifies me from serving...
  8. ElectedTuna

    Working in Intelligence

    Hi Everyone, I'll be doing AFROTC next year (or hopefully attend USAFA) and I was wondering how to approach my end goal of becoming an intelligence officer. I have a deep interest in foreign affairs and political science but economics seems to be my strongest and most passionate subject. I've...
  9. P

    Intelligence to FBI/ Law Enforcement

    Can anyone offer insight into being an intelligence officer then moving onto a career in federal law enforcement? Are there many academy graduates who do this? Does the FBI commonly see applicants from such prestigous colleges? I am currently looking at my options after USAFA. I would most...