Interview gone sour? + scholarship timing question

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by jamestribe, Jul 12, 2015.

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    I had my rotc interview today and it may have gone sour. I stuttered alot. My interview was done over Skype, and I'm afraid that the way it was positioned may have made me seem a little out of shape. He described me as a "good candidate" and that my app speaks alot about me. Said sat GPA competitive and I seem like a fit guy. Is this bad for me?

    Also, when are the time frames we will hear back from the nrotc board? I was on twitter and saw people posting like 10 hrs ago about how they were accepting the scholarships, and all that stuff. Isn't it a little late, or are scholarships still still being sent for this last year?
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    Jan 24, 2013
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    All the NROTC scholarships have long since been given out for this year. You would have been interviewing for upcoming boards since all the 2014-15 board have been completed.

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    I think the boards start meeting in October and then monthly after that. It's great you are getting the ball rolling early. I dont know how much the initial interview counts. My son's interview was basically to make sure he had everything completed to go before the board... Very few personal questions. The officer kept asking him why he was late as he interviewed in January. He thought his chances were completely shot. But the stars aligned and he was picked up at the February boards for a four year. Dont fret about the interview too much. Good luck.
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    NROTC boards start at the end of August if there's money (2 years ago there was not due to sequester) and are held every month. My son's interview was not a cursory event. He wore a suit, they had him sign a lot of paperwork and after the interview the Chief sat him down to make sure he had all the pieces of his application in place before they sent everything to Pensacola.

    Good luck!

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