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    My AFA interview is in three weeks and I'm looking for some advice. What types questions will I be asked? What kinds of answers are they looking for? Should I ask questions? How long does it take?
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    My son took his resume and was at his interview with his ALO for two hours discussing everything he had ever done in education, community service etc. Time management was a big issue so if you have a busy schedule tell them how you manage your time etc. Be prepared for everything and know why you want to go to USAFA. Also let them know your back up plan. They want to know you have one.
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    As an ALO, I want to know:

    a. Why are you doing this?
    b. When did you decide to do this?
    c. Are any members of your family graduates, service members (currently or in the past: mom/dad/siblings/grandparents)
    d. What is your backup plan?
    e. Why are you a member of "X" clubs, "Y" groups, etc...what do you do in each of them?
    f. Do you have a job? If so, why? What do you do? How long?

    Those are just a few of the areas we'll discuss when I meet with a candidate. Then I'll get to the tough questions like:

    1. Why should I recommend YOU?
    2. What is your backup plan and where are you on it?

    These are just a few of the dozens I have in my "bag of questions."

    But to answer your questions as you wrote them:

    What types questions will I be asked? Answer: ALL KINDS, and in a variety of topics; the ALO wants to get to know you, to know what interests you, what you like/dislike, etc. So be prepared for anything. What kinds of answers are they looking for? HONEST! I want your answer, not your parents, not one you've worked out with friends/family, etc. I want you to hear my question, digest it, and then give me your answer. It's not a mystery, so don't worry about it. Just answer the question honestly and we'll be very happy. Should I ask questions? If you have questions when your ALO says "So, do you have any questions?" then ask away! We're there to help YOU; we are your conduit of information, a great POC for all things USAFA! How long does it take? As long as we both have questions.

    USAFA '83
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    Ok I take back what I said about service members not being as practiced at conducting interviews as the civillian world! :smile: This is abosutely the right answer and sadly not how most interviews are conducted in today's world of tight schedules. Kudos.
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    Follow up to the interview questions

    I keep reading about an ALO interview, and then I see on the application page that my DS will need to do a drug and alcohol counseling session with the ALO. Are they one and the same?
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    Some ALOs will do them at the same time, some won't. At least when I went through the process, the requirement is that the ALO discusses the AF's drug/alcohol policies with you face to face before you fill out the form in the application regarding prior drug use or alcohol abuse.

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