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Interviewing w/#1 choice -AROTC

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by RedDragon, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. RedDragon

    RedDragon Member

    Dec 31, 2013
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    Son has completed AROTC scholarship app and will be visiting the doctors next week for DODMERB clearance. He received notice to schedule his PMS interview at one of five local colleges. None of the 5 are on his list of 7 and he would like to interview at his #1 or 2 choice. The question is how important would this be in terms of receiving the scholarship? We have read some of the pros and cons on this forum but we are seeking other opinions. Both 1 & 2 are pretty long road trips away. Wondering if it makes a difference that 1 of them is an SMC that is very popular with scholarship applicants....thanks.
  2. QA1517

    QA1517 Member

    Jul 11, 2012
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    It really shouldn't matter. I don't think any PMS is going to tank the interview simply because they are not your #1 choice.

    If the trip to your #1 is doable it's always nice to get a face to face with those in charge, especially if you are going there whether or not you get a national scholarship. Maybe arrange a campus tour at the same time if you havn't had a chance to visit yet.

    If you have already visited your #1 and #2 then maybe take the opportunity to visit a different campus. You never know, you might find a new #1.
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  3. Jkaz

    Jkaz 5-Year Member

    Aug 23, 2011
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    Back during my scholarship application I interviewed with PMS at a school I didn't apply to nor did I look too far into their program. Bottomline I was awarded a 3 year scholarship, so from my stand point this had no bearing on the interview or application process.

    One important thing to note was the first and foremost question he asked was "Why didn't you apply here and have you ever thought about us?" I had thought about this question prior to the interview and had an answer ready to go. Hope this helps!
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  4. kinnem

    kinnem Moderator 5-Year Member

    Oct 21, 2010
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    I'm sure interviewing elsewhere will not present a problem These folks are professionals and they aren't going to let which schools you applied to sway them. In fact, they have no association with the school other than they're leading a ROTC unit there.

    However, if you have a lot of questions remaining about #1, I would do the interview there to get these questions answered.
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  5. k2rider

    k2rider 5-Year Member

    Jan 31, 2010
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    While I agree that it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things but you never know how it can help out down the road. We live in San Diego and my son was interviewed by the PMS at San Diego State. However, my son was looking to go to Gonzaga or Boise State and we made campus visits to both schools as we waited for the process to work out. Long story short, he didn't actually end up getting a National scholarship at all but Boise State called an offered him a 4 year scholarship from their own ROTC budget. That probably wouldn't have happened if we never would have took the trip up there to meet the ROO and PMS while touring the campus.
  6. turtlerunnernc

    turtlerunnernc Member

    Dec 17, 2014
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    My son interviewed at a local college, it was on his list but not #1 choice. He received a 3year scholarship to his first choice school, VMI. He matriculates next Saturday.
  7. Axxif

    Axxif Member

    Aug 5, 2013
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    It was a combination of my interview at my #1 and an unplanned stop at my #2 that had helped me figure out where I wanted to go. What was great was that once we were done with the initial interview Q&A part, the ROO at my #1 showed me around and discussed a good deal about the program and school, which was a strong selling point in the end. Furthermore, I was able to impress him well enough that he made a very strong indication I would be first in line for an on-campus 4 year scholarship if I didn't get the national one.

    I would get in contact with the interviewers at your son's top schools and see if they would be willing to conduct the interview; doing so would put you on their radar, per say, and might even help him get an on campus scholarship if for whatever reason he doesn't get a national one. OR, he might find out that such school isn't the right one for him, and would be able to start investigating other options right after (Instead of having to stick with things once school starts). Just my 2 cents on things
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