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Jan 20, 2008
Hey everyone. I just found this forum and I definately wish I had found it a year ago. My name is Nick and Im a HS senior and candidate for USAFA class of 2012.

A little about me...Im from FL and Im involved in all sorts of stuff from working in community organizations, leadership groups, local/state politics, school clubs, varsity soccer, and im a private pilot. A career in the USAF is all ive ever wanted and Im willing to go through whatever I have to.

I just wanted to say that from only about a half hour on this site, ive found some amazing info. Im going for class of '12, so its pretty late in the process for me. Applications finished, got my nomination, and crossing my fingers until march.
Welcome Nick. Happy to hear you've found useful information here. We'll keep our fingers crossed right along with you! Best wishes for your future.