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    I've been reading all over this forum since my DS applied for USNA STEM. There's some great information here and I'm so impressed with the young men and women who want to serve our country. My DS just finished his freshman year of high school. He's dreamed of the USNA since he was in 2nd grade (no military for his dad or me) and is pretty self-motivated to build his resume and prepare himself for life as an officer.

    So far he's taken 2 honors classes his freshman year, plus German 2 as a freshman and was very active in AFROTC (drill, color guard, lots of volunteering, etc.). His first semester he earned a 3.5 but earned a 4.0 this last semester. He took German I in 8th grade for HS credit but that B isn't helping much yet :wink:. He just was elected as class secretary. He ran XC for school and is team captain for his non-school track team (throws javelin). He plays violin in the school orchestra and is on the German team. He's attending an ROTC leadership camp (Converse College, SC) this summer as well as USNA track and field camp (didn't get accepted to USNA STEM). He's a Boy Scout, SCUBA certified, Duke TIP member, and loves to attend Aviation Challenge at the US Space and Rocket Center (Space Camp).

    His plan is to continue to get better grades, add AP classes. Continue work on his Eagle Scout, participate in his leadership role in ROTC, stay in orchestra, XC, and track, participate in a foreign exchange program in Germany next summer, do a mission trip with church next spring, and start volunteering at Sunday school. He's looking at rejoining our local CAP or finding which Navy Sea Cadet unit might suit him. Again, his ultimate goal for college is the USNA with a NROTC scholarship as plan B to Auburn or Georgia Tech. I like how he's planning ahead.

    Thanks to all who participate on these forums. There is such a wonderful amount of information available. I hope to continue learning!
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    Welcome aboard. Sounds like he's off to a terrific start.

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