Introversion and USAFA Life

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by pixiestudent, May 10, 2016.

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    Do you believe introverts would be less likely to succeed at USAFA? In my case, I'm not exceedingly shy, I just enjoy having a lot of alone time. I'm also not very outwardly emotive, so I'm often perceived as being angry.

    Being an introvert definitely gives me a different style of leadership, and I think it would bring a lot to the table while attending the academy, but I'm also hesitant due to how much alone time I need in order to function well.
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    I am EXTREMELY introverted, to the point where high school was really tough for me because of the length of the day with no time to myself. I actually preferred USAFA. While there is not really any alone time in basic, I never found it to be a problem and once the year started there were plenty of ways to get the time I needed to myself, even if it meant spending a lot of time in empty classrooms or the library. It definitely made my leadership style different, but it was probably the best decision I could have made. I really did learn a lot about leadership that I don't think I would have anywhere else.

    If you want more details/specifics, feel free to PM me
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    Although everyone is different, I can share some info about my DD. I would say she was somewhat an introvert, but not due to shyness per se-- people annoy her easily and she just does not like to deal with them. USAFA has been a great experience for her, forced her into situations she otherwise would not have dealt with, but she has also made some amazing friends and much closer relationships than she would have in a "normal" college. She still gets annoyed with people, but has learned to be much more tolerant in general, and "lock it up" or deal more tactfully when she does get annoyed.
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    Plenty of introverts around...
    You will sometimes be forced outside of your comfort's called "development."

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