Jan 13, 2017
Does anyone know if you can get invislign while being in an ROTC unit? I know braces are a disqualification for servuce academies but since it's not surgical, I was wondering how this would be viewed.
From the DoDMERB Orthodontics Questionnaire....

Application for ROTC Program(s): I acknowledge that my orthodontic appliances MUST be removed and all active
treatment MUST be completed prior to being commissioned at the end of my ROTC program. Furthermore, I
acknowledge all financial responsibility for my orthodontic treatment and do not hold the military or ROTC
program responsible.
Retainer appliances are permissible for all applicants, provided all active treatment has been completed. Invisalign
removable aligners are also permissible.
I'm an AS-100 (Freshman) on a high school scholarship in AFROTC and have Invisalign currently. I did get my trays a couple weeks before I contracted, but I can't imagine any regulation that would prevent you from getting them in AFROTC. You may have to not wear them for 13 days at field training, but other than that they shouldn't be detrimental at all.