Invited for Weekend Visit


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Aug 6, 2007
I just received a call from admissions and they stated that they wanted to fly my son to the Academy, all expenses paid, for a visit in two weeks. (Not sports related) A thursday, friday and Saturday. I texted him while he was in class and he is extremely excited.

Did anyone else get a call like this?

Can anyone verify that this is a very good sign?

He has an LOA from USNA but is waiting for a waiver. He also has an Air Force ROTC scholarship and would use that at a nearby University if he doesn't get an appointment at one of the academies.
I believe they are trying to initiate a program to allow students to come pre-recognition. I know I am one of the escorts in that program that takes students coming through. I think around 30-40 will be coming through this week alone.
I got the same call towards the end of november and went to the academy December 6-8. It was a great program. Your son will recieve tons of briefings with admissions officers on the academy and life in the Air Force after graduating from the academy. You pretty much shadow a cadet for the weekend. You go to classes and stay in the dorms with him or her overnight. You get a long tour of the academies facilities including the field house, dorms, and academic halls. The size of the group was very small. Only about 15 of us were invited. All of us were highly qualified and had LOAs. I actually recieved my LOA when I was there meeting with my admissions officer. Its a great one on one experience with cadets and officers and gives you lots of opportunities to ask questions about their experiences there.
Congratulations on your son being invited. I would say its a great sign towards recieving an appointment.
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Thank you USNA appointee 2012. That is great news. He finished his application back in September but never heard anything. He is triple qualified and called his admissions counselor about his status. That was last week then they called yesterday about the visit. He has no LOA that he knows of. He does have an LOA from USNA but needs a waiver from them. He just read over my shoulder and is hoping it turns out like your trip. He is extremely excited about going. Any advice as to anything he should bring that they don't mention in the packing list? I read a post for USNA CVW and they suggested they bring a movie for the cadet he is shadowing.
If your son attended one of the CVW session at the naval academy I would suggest packing the same items. Casual and comfortable clothes, maybe a pair of workout clothes, bed linens or a sleeping bag (you sleep on a pretty uncomfortable cot), etc. The two programs are very similar. Bringing a movie as a gift for his cadet im sure would be appreciated although you really don't have a lot of free time because you are always busy doing something and you go by a strict time schedule. Friday night was a "social night". We went to an Air Force ice hockey game, then out to eat at champs out in Colorado Springs with our cadets, and then to a bowling alley out in town. Your son will have a blast!