Is a "B" in college chemistry bad?


Bancroft Escapee
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Jan 26, 2017
The school I go to is also known for having a particularly brutal chemistry course. Will earning a B help or hurt my application?
It's better than not taking it because it shows you are challenging yourself with higher level classes. They say it's better to get a B in BC calc than an A in AB calc so I would apply the same logic here. They understand that the classes are difficult.
Are you taking this course now or in the future? If in future, stress with your guidance counselor that you need the best Chem teacher the school has & you're willing to have your entire schedule built around their class. Plan to go to extra help as well. Good luck!
You cannot look at any one thing in a Vacuum. My DD had a 3.2 her first semester while doing well in ROTC and competing on a DIV sports team . She earned her appointment early in the process.

If your application is strong, a B in your first semester of college chemistry coupled with a good performance in a challenging schedule will not keep you out.

Now if you have a a 3.0 and only take one or two difficult classes, that may be a different story.
I just completed my first semester and the intro chem course was handled by TAs who weren't very engaged, but it is what it is. I also got an A in Calculus. Still waiting on my other grades for English and history.
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I have a college freshman jumping up and down with joy because he got a B in his college honors chemistry class. The class average was a 44 so he is doing the happy dance with his B.