Is Engineering worth it?


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Mar 1, 2018
I want to be an engineering major and I have an Army ROTC Scholarship. Is it worth it to major in something harder like Engineering where I might not have a very high GPA which would affect my placement in the Order of Merit List? Would it be smarter to be a Business Major or something easier than an Engineering Major to have the best chance at getting my desired branch?
I think it depends more on what you really want to major in, don't pick something simply to increase your OML, this is a decision that will be with you for a long time. Remember that STEM majors get up to 4 extra points on the OML depending on the major.
The most important thing is to major in something that you enjoy. The army doesn't care too much what you major in. Take it from me, if you loath being an engineering major, you will do very poorly. The key is to find something you enjoy and are good at. Depending on the university you attend, the intro STEM courses may be extremely difficult. Don't forget that you will also get an OML boost for foreign langues too. Just something to think about.
My son is a Construction Management Major. It seemed like a good compromise.
OML points, no differential equations, very marketable degree.
The advantage of an engineering program is you learn how to learn.
DS is an Electrical Engineering major - he will graduate/commission this May. It has been very difficult and challenging for him at times, but he LIKES the career. His GPA is not the greatest, but it's over where it needs to be and he's learning what he needs to learn. He's now past the math and other hurdles and working on engineering design projects that he is really enjoying. He is on a dedicated guard scholarship and is very excited about his future. His job prospects are fantastic. Major in what appeals to you - in what you can see yourself doing and enjoying for years. Don't pick a major based on what kind of GPA you think you can get.
If you are going to be career Army it may not matter that much for a while, but at some point you may want to get out and get a civilian job. Having an Engineering degree makes you pretty marketable even if you don't have a super high GPA, but you have to like engineering and be able to handle high level math to get through it. As others have said, pick a major based on your strengths and what appeals to you.