Is it over?


Jan 19, 2023
Hi all, I received an email from my senator but it was worded as if I was not receiving an appointment this year instead of not receiving a nomination. Any insight would be appreciated.


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It looks to me like they are using nomination and appointment interchangeably. You did not receive a nomination from this MOC, thus you also would not receive an appointment charged to them.

However, if you received a nomination from another source, you would still be “in the running” from that source. And there are a few possibilities from the SAs themselves. So it isn’t “over” until you get the no from the Academy. (However, if this was your only nomination source, then it did get quite a bit harder).

Best wishes and keep the hope until you are told no from the Academy. And if that happens this cycle, then I am sure your plan B will put you on a successful path for your future! (And if an Academy remains your goal, they seem to love reapplicants!)
I hope you also have a Plan B in place. And 'C' too. I recommend to my students that if they do not receive an appointment, then they should attend college/university the following year and join the ROTC unit on campus. You are now doing college-level work, learning more about the military, working out with your fellow cadets and strengthening your résumé for the SAs. Then, you reapply as a freshman in college.

About 25 to 30% of all cadets and midshipmen do not arrive at USMA, USAFA or USNA directly from high school. Many attend a prep school or a year of college. I have had three students follow this scenario. All three received appointments, and one will graduate from USAFA in less than 100 days. Good luck with Plan A! But have a good Plan B & C in place too.
Keep an open mind and a hopeful outlook until USNA tells you what your status is. Don’t forget USNA can choose other fully qualifed nominees off a slate to offer appointments to, and charge them to other nomination authorities they manage, not one of the elected official’s spots.

And, as always, tend your alternate plans, finish this academic year strongly, go PT to bleed off stress. Focus on what you can control.
About 25 to 30% of all cadets and midshipmen do not arrive at USMA, USAFA or USNA directly from high school. Many attend a prep school or a year of college

This is true but IMO also somewhat misleading in terms of raw numbers. The overwhelming majority of candidates who are not direct appoints (i.e., directly from h.s.) come from the SA Prep School or (for USNA) Foundation program. For USNA last year, 210 come from NAPS and another roughly 40 from Foundation. Those folks are all selected by USNA coming out of h.s.

Last year for USNA, 130 came from self-prep or college applicants / re-applicants. To be fair, there are a lot fewer applications from college students than from h.s. students, the odds are necessarily any worse (might be better). But don't convince yourself that you're competing for 1/3 of the spots -- closer to 10% of appointments.