Is it possible or probable to transfer/reapply to another academy?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Ltpropst, Jun 17, 2016.

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    I have completed my freshman year at the US Merchant Marine Academy, and I am posting this thread to hopefully receive some information regarding the possibility of transferring service academies. Joining the military (and working to become an Officer) has always remained my goal, but when I was not admitted to USNA, I was eager to accept my appointment to USMMA. I have completed my freshman year at Kings Point, and received A's and B's in Calculus 1 &2, Physics 1&2, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Statics, Marine Engineering courses, as well as some miscellaneous subjects. I also competed in NCAA athletics and completed a strenuous year as a member of the Regiment of Midshipmen. Some recent events at USMMA regarding MARAD and our sea year program have made me question the values and purpose that this academy is supposed to uphold. With the possibility of not going sea, and not receiving the proper training that Midshipman should expect from a service academy, I have been seeking out other options to become an Officer including reapplying to USNA. I have also been looking into enlisting. Any advice or recommendations from someone who is knowledgeable in this matter would be much appreciated.
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    My neighbor left USAFA after year one went to a normal college and then applied and was accepted to uscga. His reasoning was at the time CG pilots were flying more than USAF pilots

    He too was an athlete so I think his eligibility ran out and he was a coach his final year or 2 at USCGA

    He did end up as USCG pilot

    I would recommend against it. No guarantees and if you are concerned about upholding values, I would bet you will face similar issues wherever you go.

    But it has been done
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    You'll meet disappointment, frustrating administrative actions, cancelled training, and a general lack of funds at USNA as well. It's up to you to make what you will of it. I guarantee USNA will ask why you bailed out of one commissioning source for another. And honestly your reason is not a good one.

    Stick it out and get your commission.
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    Yes you can but it's a long uphill process. There are no guarantees and there will be many questions. Some will out right say, 'Nope you walked, you had your shot.' It has happened in the past, as someone gave an example, but it's maybe a handful a decade. Honestly, let this process play out for a little at USMMA. They are going to push to resolve this and get everyone back on track.
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    NavyHoops gives good counsel. (We both seem to be up at 0530 on Saturday, suspect we are just back from PT or headed out. Military habits run deep.)

    USMMA has an obligation to its midshipmen and to its Federal mission. Problem-solving at this order of complexity is something military officers, and senior civilians, can be expected to do throughout their careers, at increasing levels of difficulty. They have to solve it, or heads will roll all the way up the chain. They don't get to walk away. Give them time to resolve it, and try not to listen to the rumor mill, which I am sure is working at warp speed. Unless the Superintendent calls you into the office and offers to tell you everything, or you see/hear something official published by the chain of command, don't put credence into the crazy stuff.

    Don't turn toward USNA just because you want to walk away from USMMA. You have a solid year of academics under your belt and have left plebedom behind. That's a big achievement. Invest your time and energy in being who you are right now. Be flexible and adaptive. There are still many roads open to you for a commission, if it comes to that.
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    The SAs have an unofficial policy of not "pilfering" from each other -- meaning they don't accept students who are currently enrolled at another SA. I'm sure there are a few anecdotes of success but I would be surprised if there are many or recent ones. I'm aware of a student at another SA a few years back who did REALLY well there as a 4/C but still wanted USNA. Even had great recs from profs/military folks at the school. Didn't get into USNA.

    Bottom line is that, if you really want to attend USNA, you probably need to leave USMMA and then reapply as a "civilian." Consider whether that's what you really want to do. Also, the grass may not be greener at USNA. Just saying.
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    Must be a 2019 B split... What is going on is unprecedented. I think many DD/DS in your situation are thinking the same thing. I have DS in midst of this. My advice is to be strong and support each other! Not much any of us can do right now. We are hoping at some point to get some idea as to why these drastic measures needed to be taken and graduation of students needed to be jeopardized.

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