Is it possible to double major in these fields?

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    Hypothetically, is it possible to do any of these double majors at the U.S. Naval Academy:

    - Computer Science and Information Technology

    - Computer Science and Computer Engineering

    - Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering

    - Computer Science and History

    - Computer Science and English

    - Computer Science and Political Science

    - Computer Science and Economics


    Please remember that this is all hypothetical, assuming that the Midshipman is perfectly capable of completing the course load.
  2. Memphis9489

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    This type of question gets asked all the time and it never ceases to amaze me.

    Unless you validate a ton of relevant courses, this would be nearly impossible to do in a 4 yr period. It's rarely done. I don't know if it's ever been done, quite frankly. But, I imagine at one time or another it must have.

    Don't forget that all midshipmen still has many professional course requirements, regardless of their major. For instance, they still have to take seamanship, navigation, leadership, etc courses.

    Don't flatter yourself as to your academic ability. Believe me, the academy will be plenty of challenge to you even if you only have a single major.
  3. JettAirliner

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    The majors that are similar would probably be the most plausible (ie all Tier 1, all Tier 2, all Tier 3). And anything's possible. Just hard. And would probably require a person trying to get into summer school as well as validating other courses. Would be tough.
  4. NavyHoops

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    Double majoring is extremely hard to do at the Academy. You would have to validate a ton of courses to do this and probably take voluntary summer school. And if you did validate enough courses to set this path up, Volunatary Graduate Education Program (VGEP) is probably a better path to go as you would then earn your Master's degree before hitting the fleet. There are also other academic things such as Trident projects that can be accomplished by those who are high achievers academically. If you are so busy double majoring some of these other academic options would not be achievable. I do not remember any of my friends or classmates being double majors when I was there, although I am sure it happens, but very rarely. A few did graduate with minors in a foreign language. I think my class had around 12-15 VGEP students. Also remember there are alot of things to consider besides academics at the Academy... athletics, physcial fitness, military obligations, clubs, social life (as little as it is). Remember the goal of the academy is to develop a well rounded officer, so there is more think about then just purely academics.
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    Aerospace engineering is almost legendary as an incredibly difficult major. Sincerely doubt there's any way to double with that as one of the choices.

    IT is also extremely hard. I know a recent grad who went IT (Mid was in the top 5% of his HS class, NHS, received LOAs to USNA, USAFA, USMA, etc). He made it, but there were times when he really struggled.

    In order to graduate in 4 years, Mids MUST carry a minimum of 15 credits per semester. Many will carry up to 22. Those numbers are for completing a SINGLE major on time.

    To do a double major would, as many have said, probably require lots of course validations and summer school. To put that in perspective, summer school often equals no summer leave. It generally means that other optional summer programs, like internships, would not be possible. It probably could be done in some cases, but the individual would need to weigh the costs.

    It might be more feasible for a Mid to pick up a few courses in the second major area as elective courses, rather than trying to complete an entire second major. The various professors/company officers/upperclass Mids will all be glad to discuss options as Plebes are trying to decide on majors, etc
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    I'm not going to kick the dead horse on the difficulty of dual majoring...however it is possible, especially in some of the ones you mentioned.

    The Computer Science Department has published dual major options between Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Additionally there is a an option for Computer Science and Information Technology double major.

    I personally know of someone who double majored in Computer Engineering and Information Technology -- so you might be able to go that route, too.

    Please see this link:
  7. osdad

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    The bottom 4 are do-able. My Mid is Physics/English dual. A lot of her English required courses count for Physics electives so there is some synergy. And yes, she did validate many 4/C and 3/C classes. But she's still talking about voluntary summer school.

    I can see how either of the top 2 might be accomplished if there is sufficient overlap between them. But they are different fields - hence the different majors.

    I can't see how CS and Aero could be accomplished without extraordinary validation/summer/acceleration.

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