Is It Possible to Go back Into ROTC After Dropping Out?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Buckeye2012, Sep 22, 2015.

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    Hey Guys!

    I'm new To the Forum(And Hoping this Question hasnt been Asked Repeatedly) So Please Bear with me.

    A Few Years Ago I Had ALOT Of Family issues Going On which Included my Mother Becoming Disabled which Lead to me Dropping out of Both College and ROTC. Biggest Mistake of My Life...( I still Regret it to this Day Especially how much I Busted *** to even Get Into the Program) But It Had to be Done based on my own Personal Issues.

    I left in my Third Year of ROTC, The Army Decided I just had to pay back my Scholarships.

    A Few Questions is it even Possible to ReEnlist In the Military? Furthermore to Get back Into the Program?

    Any Information or Previous Experience would Help.
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    You could possibly return to Army ROTC, but you will be required to pay back all your obligation before you can reenroll.

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