Is it possible to switch branches if you are GRFD prior to commissioning?


Mar 14, 2015
Is it possible to switch branches if you have obtained a VHR (vacancy hold request) for a unit and a BOLC date? I am not going to commission until mid-late August and want to switch my branch to MI as I found local units in the DMV area. Spoke to my branch manager and he is unwilling to give me a legitimate reason as to why my request cannot go through other than the fact that "it is advisable to continue with your scheduled BOLC date"

However, if BOLC scheduling is an issue I do not see why because if I did get an MI VHR yet did not get a BOLC date until FY 18-19, I would still have been drilling with a unit and have acquired a TS clearance (since I am dedicated reserves I would have to initiate a TS clearance with my unit)
Have you talked to your HRA? Did you grad date change? Of course your branch manager isn't going to let you go easily. I know my HRA usually has one or two graduates each year who are dragging their feet or changing their minds and he has to help them with the process. Talk to the unit you want to join too. They will be more enthusiastic about helping you loin then the unit your asking to be deleted from. It can possibly be done, but you need to talk to the right people and you need to make up your mind.