Is it too late?


Dec 16, 2016
I've been going strong and pursuing more ways to add on leadership activities on my USMA and USNA application before they are due. I've recently become a team manager for a sports team, I'm in my 4th year of Varsity track, I'm planning on asking teachers if I can be a teacher assistant, and I've recently joined Civil Air Patrol. I'm planning on getting CPR certified too. But what I'm wondering is if all of this means nothing because of how recent these new activities are. I have many other activities but I just wanted to add more in. Any thoughts?
Seems like the question may be whether or not you have a nomination. It is too late for those. If you have secured a nomination though, it may not be too late for those to count, though I would think that admissions office will have opinions about last minute things vs things that show long term comittment. 4th year varsity track looks great! Also, if your scores need a boost, there is a Feb 11th ACT.
Best of luck!
Sounds like you are a h.s. senior and in the current admissions cycle. Suddenly joining a bunch of new clubs/sports this late in the process won't really impress admissions and will certainly not yield any tangible results that you could speak to.
Send all of these updates to WP. Let them decide whether or not they can give you more WCS for them. You'll never know unless you submit them!
You have until 28 FEB to send in any updates.
If your a current candidate, there is little time to up your packet outside of 7th semester grades or major accomplishments (i.e., induction in NHS). For CAP, try to at least get your Curry Award as soon as possible as their is no TIG requirement.

As others state, send it in and hope it ups the WCS. Best of luck.