Is Mumps considered a Major Illness ?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by NPGPItaly, Sep 22, 2011.

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    I fear I might have missed this one on the health questionnaire. I received all the requisite MMR vaccines as a child (optional at the time here in Italy, but mom had us do all the required vaccines in the US) but somehow the mumps part didn't 'take' and I got a mild case of Mumps at age 8. Their were no complications and I frankly forgot about the whole thing until I had to fill out a child health record for the dental part of the DoDMERB where they ask specifically if you've had mumps. So my question is : Is Mumps considered a 'serious illness' ? What about the other 'childhood' diseases (chicken pox etc) ? Thank you !
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    I would assume the answer is NO unless it caused you to be hospitalized. That is what I would consider a serious illness...i.e. meningitis.

    Childhood illness, such as chicken pox is not an issue. Our DS had it when he was 7 and that was not an issue for his initial DoDMERB physical nor when he did his outprocess long DoDMERB physical this past summer.

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