Is NROTC centralized?


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Aug 5, 2007
Hey all, does NROTC have a centralized board like the Air Force? Can I get an interview with ANY naval officer, or do I have to get a special person to administer it? (like the air force... some guy had to fly out of country to do the interview with me and some of the other applicants)

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I'm guessing, and I may be wrong, that people did not answer because they do not know the answer of that question. I've seen your question on the ROTC thread sitting there go unanswered, but I don't believe that people are just ignoring it.
I'm not entirely sure and it could have changed since then, but if I remember correctly when I was applying for the NROTC program (10yrs ago) I had to go interview with a specific person at the officer recruiting station.
When I was looking at NROTC I had a specific person I worked with. I don't know if this is what you're asking about. I guess he was my case officer (PO though). His office was for my area. That's six years ago, so I don't know if that's changed at all.
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Yea, im sort of confused with the system. I wonder if the BGO officer can also submit their report to NROTC. I'll have to ask him.
From my memories of applying for NROTC (4 years ago), I did a lot of e-mail and phone correspondences with an officer that was in charge of my geographic area. Don't even remember doing an interview at all. The only in-person interaction with someone that I had during the application process was going to a regular recruiting office, meeting with a PO, and signing some forms.
It sounds like the system hasn't changed much. Pretty similiar experiences from 10 years ago, 6 years ago, and 4 years ago. I don't know if the BGO idea will work, as I remember it (again 6 years ago), my BGO wasn't active duty Navy, he worked for USNA, as eyes and ears for midshipman candidates.

I was approached about NROTC, and once office handled it. Besides a few phone calls between myself and Petty Officer _________, as well as heading to the office to sign some paper work, these was no formal interview process like there was for USNA...unless they snuck it in there with all of that interaction.
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Answering to benefit lurkers as well...

From recent experience:

The NROTC scholarship was offered after one in-person interview with two different reps at a regionally centralized Naval Base. One was a Petty Officer (great guy) and the other a Senior Chief (sadly, soon to retire)

There was another visit to the base when the scholarship recipient was introduced to a large gathering of base personnel by the CO of the base.

At the high school awards assembly three reps from the region (the same PO and SC and another PO) came out to our tiny town and were the first on the agenda to award the scholarship. They did a super job explaining the scholarship and talking about the recipient - about 15 minutes in all. I thought they very well represented Navy that night.

Son also received additional scholarship money from other sources that immediately followed the NROTC presentation. That was tricky because sometimes awards are not given if someone already has an ROTC scholarship.

After the interview on base the scholarship application was submitted to a central board that formally extended the scholarship.
Correct me if I am wrong - but I think the Scholarship is awarded to attend a particular school.

With Air Force the scholarship is centralized and you can take it to any school.
With Army - the scholarship is decentralized and is offered by the Professor of Military Science at the Battalion for that particular school.
Sounds like Navy ROTC is somewhere in the middle.
With the scholarship comes the requirement for a NROTC program you must be accepted to. You must chose three colleges, apply to them and tier ROTC program. For me they were UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, and Auburn (Vanderbilt I was already accepted to, so the other two were to satisfy that requirement.)