Is This a Reportable Incident for DoDMERB?


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Jul 20, 2006
Our son has already gotten through the DoDMERB paperwork and is Comission Qualified. Last night in a football game, he got his bell rung, and on the advice of the team physician we took him to the emergency room for X-rays on his neck and upper spine. He also had a CAT scan done on the advice of the emergency room doctor. Nothing was found, and he is fine. Is this something that we need to report to DoDMERB, since nothing is wrong and it was all done as a precautionary measure?

I would report this. Download the head injury questionnaire from the DoDMERB web site, get copies of the ER records, and if the ER physician recommended a follow up with his family physician, I would get copies of that evaluation as well. Most likely this will be cleared quickly, but its always good to have no surprises on induction day!